With the expectation of providing the customers the best quality bathware with luxury outlook, “Home Pro” was initiated. In the present day, bathware is not only about the equipment used in the bathroom. Today it is linked with the terms like extravagant outlook and comfort. Home Pro is dedicated to provide only the quality bathware that is imported from well established and certified overseas companies who give the benefit of mass manufacturing to our customers through competitive prices. These bathware assures not only the quality but also the durability. Since we know that you design and build a bathroom that lasts for generations providing comfort through thick and thin, we assure that the products we import are enduring.

Home Pro differs from the others by importing high end and extravagant international brands that are celebrated for years by those who seek luxury through bathware. Apart from providing luxury through the products, we also ensure that our stores contain unlimited and cutting edge designs that suit customized needs to embellish your bathroom. Home Pro is the bathware haven which lets you choose from the infinite colours and the designs that can be used to furnish your bathroom into the definition of luxury.



To be Asia’s premier bathware solution provider that provides best designer bathware


To exceed customer expectations by importing quality bathware ensuring their durability

What makes us Exceptional!


Extravagance is the key that differentiates Home Pro from the others. We import only the high quality bathware from high end international suppliers who manufacture luxury bathware. The comfort that is provided through these products is high and it helps define the modern life you are leading.

Quality Bathware

Home Pro imports bathware with high quality assured and they are intended to last for generations providing comfort to your dream house. The durability of the products is ensured through quality materials that are used to manufacture and the process which engages cutting edge technology and machinery along with expertise knowledge.

Designs and colours

We have an unlimited range of designs and colours that can be used to adorn your bathroom according to the will. If you are tired of looking for bathware that suits your imagination, Home Pro is the ideal destination. Visit our stores and engross yourself amid of hundreds of designs that can be used in the dream bathroom.

Customer support

Our company is ready to render the customer support that helps to find the ideal bathware needed to your establishment. The experts who are enriched with the experience are ready to listen to your needs and provide the designs that suit your particular concepts.

Our Core Philosophies

We Value Customers

Customers are the centre of our service. We serve those who have been looking for quality and extravagant bathware which also gives a cost effective solution. In order to satiate the hunger for quality and creativity of our customers, we import high quality bathware from reputed international companies which enhances the scopes of your imagination through unlimited colours and designs.


By maintaining the integrity of the customers who rely on our products and services, we intend to have a long journey in the industry. Through a friendly approach to the customers solving their dilemmas regarding bathware selection and bathroom designing, the company reaches the customers and strives to protect the customer reliability and integrity.

Cost effective Solutions

Luxury and quality bathware is not all about expensive products. The mass manufacturing of the international companies creates a cost effective solution which can be directed down to the benefit of our customers. We at Home Pro always try to win the hearts of the customers through cost effective solutions for extravagant bathware.


We are committed to fulfil the responsibility towards the customers by providing them quality products and the responsibility towards the society by being a company which fulfils the corporate responsibility of dedication towards the economy. In addition, the company is committed to all the parties that are involved in the business regarding preserving integrity and creating success.